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 Deffence and Ship Ratio

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Deffence and Ship Ratio Empty
PostSubject: Deffence and Ship Ratio   Deffence and Ship Ratio Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 7:02 pm

U can use what ever you find fits you best to be honest. but these are two decent Ratio's

Quote :
20 Light Fighter: 60k met - 20k Cry
4 Cruiser: 60k met - 28k cry - 8k det
2 Battle Ship: - 90k met - 30k cry
2 Battle Cruiser: 60k - 80k - 30k
1 Destroyer: 60k met - 50k cry - 15k Det

330k met
208k cry
53k det


Quote :
500 Rockets: 1'000k Met
100 Light lasers: 150k Met - 50k Cry
25 Heavy Lasers: 150k Met - 50k Cry
9 Ion Cannons: 50k Met - 150k Cry
4 Gauss Cannons: 80k Met - 60k Cry - 8k Deut
1 Plasma Cannon: 50k Met - 50k Cry - 30k Deut
1'480k Met
360k Cry
38k Deut
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Deffence and Ship Ratio
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